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The city of Vancouver lies on the southwest coast of British Columbia and has a population of 2.3 million. Mercer surveys rank life in Vancouver as the highest standard of living in North America and one of the top five globally. It is a prominent film production location and attracts tourists worldwide for its arts and entertainment industries. Vancouver was also the site for the 2010 Winter Olympics and is proposed to become the setting for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Vancouver Real Estate

The median listing price for Vancouver housing in 2013 was $774,932, up 13.6 per cent from 2012. In 2013 Vancouver saw its highest market activity in the past four years. Sales of single family homes went up 10 per cent while the average sale price remained approximately the same.


West Coast Style architecture originated on the coast of Vancouver in residential homes along the North Shore. The Vancouver Special empowers builders with a “do it yourself” spirit to work without the custom work of a designer. The city also includes other popular Pacific styles such as the California Bungalow, the Craftsman style, and the California Dingboat.


Vancouver has a mild Oceanic climate that is much more temperate than its Canadian neighbors. It receives approximately 1,189 millimetres of precipitation each year while snowfall averages about 38.1 cm per year, rarely remaining on the ground. The coastal winds keep summers warm and mild, averaging about twenty degrees in the summer months.


The city has a population of 2,313,328 spread across a total area of 2,878.52 square kilometres. Referred to as a “city of neighborhoods,” Vancouver's ethnic diversity is traditionally more clustered than in other international cities such as Toronto. Ethnic commercial districts such as Chinatown and the Punjabi Market remain popular today, with the Chinese making Vancouver's largest visible minority. The population breakdown is 51.9 per cent Visible Minority, 42.6 per cent White, and 2 per cent Aboriginal.

Main Attractions

The Vancouver Aquarium boasts a collection of over 70,000 species from exotic locations all around the globe. Ocean lovers take to the coast with Harbor Cruises and Events, the city's primary sightseeing company. The 130 metre Vancouver Lookout stands tall over Harbor Centre's downtown area, while Science World draws sightseers inside with immersive films, interactive exhibitions, and unusual demonstrations.


The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority operates the Metro Vancouver for regional mass transit. Metro Vancouver runs a public bus network that provides access to bicycles and wheelchairs. The SkyTrain is an automated light rapid transit system that was originally developed for the Expo 86 World's Fair but remains highly functional.


Vancouver is one of Canada's largest industrial locations. Over C$75 billion in trade is done with 130 economies across the globe at the Port of Vancouver. Port trade contributes $10.5 billion to the city's GDP and a total of $22 billion to overall economic output. In recent decades the city has seen an increase of high-rise condominium units, especially in the downtown and urban areas, in response to rising housing costs.