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How to Become a Realtor


1 Take a real estate pre-license course.

Make sure the school is approved by your state and they have a high average of passing the state exam. In many states you can do this online and others you must attend a classroom. The numbers of hours required also differs, so check online for real estate schools in your state and look at the requirements.


2 Make application to the state agency that handles professional licensing

 This is different in every state. The school you are attending will know or you can call the Real Estate Commission. In some states you can make application before you are done school, others make you wait to pass your schools test. Once you have completed the required hours of education, have the passing test from the school and you approved by the licensing agency, they will issue you a pass to take the state test.

3 Take the state test.

There will be a fee for this test and they are done by independent testing agencies. Study well for it or you will have to pay the fee to take it again.

4 Apply for a job at a real estate agency.

Once you have passed your state test, you can start applying for jobs. Once you become associated with a real estate agency you will have to join the local Multiple Listing Service and the Board of Realtors. You will have to fill out an application for the Board and pay a yearly fee. The fee will cover the national, state and local board of realtors. In most states, you will have to attend a seminar on what the Board is and what it means to be a member. You will also have to attend a seminar on ethics. The Multiple Listing Service also charges a yearly fee.

5 Attend post-licensing courses and continuing education classes.

The licensing agency will have requirements as to how many hours of post-licensing or continuing education you will need. These are normally required to be done in a certain amount of time, usually between license renewals. Try to stick by a successful Realtor in your new company and learn from them. The schooling you've obtained up to this point doesn't really show you how to list and sell property. Lastly, attend your company training. They will want to give you all the help they can because if you don't make money, they don't make money.